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How to Write Funny Wedding Vows That Won't Make Your Loved Ones Cringe…

You don't have to be Kevin Bridges to make your future spouse laugh during your exchange of vows, you just need a bit of prep.

If you intend to go down the non-traditional route, by writing your own wedding vows, then you're going to want to make sure they're perfect. A fine blend of romantic, meaningful and perhaps, funny lines. But if you're not a natural public speaker, or you find it hard to get your thoughts and emotions down on paper, the whole writing process can feel a little daunting. Especially if you're determined to conjure up funny wedding vows.

how to write funny wedding vows

Being funny, and writing something funny, is not the same. It's an art to be able to write wonderful wedding vows, and to make them genuinely funny, takes real skill. It’s all about mixing the jokes with more sentimental turns of phrase, keeping your vows natural-sounding. And unlike something out of a bad sitcom script.

It's important to remember that being real, and genuine during your ceremony is what your partner, and your guests really want to see. So if you're a genuinely funny person, then feel free to include humour in your wedding vows. But if, really, you’re pretty serious, then don’t put pressure on yourself to be hilariously witty. After all, this isn’t an audition for a local stand-up night, this is your wedding ceremony!

If you're trying to write your wedding vows at the moment, and you’re struggling to make them funny, then we're here to help!

How to Start Writing Your Funny Wedding Vows

Write Your Wedding Vows in Three Parts

If you’re struggling to get started, think about writing your vows in three parts: Tell a story, share what you love about your partner, and make promises to your soon-to-be spouse.

The story should be short, perhaps an anecdote about how you met, when you fell in love, or a time when you helped each other out. Then, you can list reasons you love your partner, ending by making promises about your future together. Each of these sections can include moments of humour.

Break Up the Emotional Parts With Humour

The thing about funny wedding vows, is that you don’t want your guests rolling in the aisles the entire time. The majority of your vows should be on the more romantic, or meaningful side, with a few jokes added in to surprise guests and keep their interest peaked.

Exchanging your wedding vows is a serious business, and the love you have for your partner is no joke. A few carefully chosen one-liners will be more effective than a full-on, joke-filled stand-up routine. Trust us!

Tease, Don’t Roast

This is really not the time to make fun of your future spouse. Even if your partner loves a good joke at their expense, embarrassing them is not the way to go. Making fun of small things that are common knowledge, like your partner’s inability to load the dishwasher, is fine. But don't start sharing drunken stories, or secrets your collective family don't know about. You'd be better off turning the teasing on yourself. Oh, and definitely avoid making negative references to either of your families, this is not the time.

Don't Over-Borrow From Your Favourite Film

Using quotes from films, books, or songs can add a sweet touch to your funny wedding vows. But don't go overboard. Simply reciting a list of quotes from other sources will feel really impersonal, and not sound like it's from the heart.

Even if you’re struggling to come up with the right words to say, it’s better to keep your vows on the shorter side, rather than use lots of borrowed words. Instead, include one or two quotes during your vows, and make sure they ring true to you and your relationship.

Avoid Any Inside Jokes

You and your partner probably have many inside jokes that only the two of you get. But unless you’re eloping off to Gretna green, there’s no need to refer to your inside jokes during your vows. Your guests will just get confused and thrown off track. While you and your partner might think they’re hilarious, remember that your vows are probably being heard by people who want to understand what you’re saying.

Save the inside jokes for a private love letter, something you could deliver the morning of your big day.


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