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What is a Trunk Show?

Have you noticed the phrase 'Trunk Show keeps popping up in your wedding dress shopping research? Find out what exactly it is!

So, the time has come for you to start shopping for your dream wedding dress?! Congratulations! We might be a little biased, but we believe bridal gown shopping is the BEST part of big day planning. But do you keep seeing the phrase: 'Trunk Show' pop up while you browse for gowns? Are you wondering what the hell that means? Well, today we’re going to break that down for you and give you all the tools you need to shop for your dream dress efficiently!

What is a Trunk Show?

A trunk show is a special event whereby a bridal boutique hosts a particular designer’s collection for a limited time. This is a unique opportunity to try on a designer’s new designs straight from the catwalk, before it's even available in shops. Plus, you may be able to view gowns from previous collections that aren’t stocked permanently in the wedding shop. It is not (despite what the name may indicate!) a fashion show, or involve you rummaging around in an old suitcase! The name actually comes from the notion of dresses travelling in a suitcase (or trunk!), and visiting different boutiques around the country.

Why should I go to one?

At a trunk show, you will be able to view the latest collections months before anyone else, and you'll see all the hottest bridal trends of the season. Trunk shows are a great opportunity to access gowns that you wouldn't normally be able to, as each boutique can only carry an edited version of each collection, and not the full range from every designer.

What should I expect at a Trunk Show?

Traditionally, a trunk show appointment works much like a regular one – there are just more dresses to try on than usual! If you would like a more specific idea of how the trunk show events are run at Opus Couture in Scotland, feel free to get in touch via our contact page.

Do I need to say 'yes'?

Most dresses are only available during the trunk show period, so it's advised that you place an order at this time, as this is the only opportunity you will have to try it on.

Are there any special offers at a Trunk Show?

We regularly host trunk shows throughout the year, and normally offer a discount on dresses ordered on the day. Meaning, a visit to one of these events doesn't just gift you a browse before anyone else, but you'll also be getting a great deal!

Our next Trunk Show is for Maggie Sottero Plus Size, and it will be held between Friday 20th – Monday 23rd of May 2022. We would love you to join us at this trunk show, and say 'yes' to a stunning curvy bridal!

Book your appointment today and also find out about the other trunk shows we have planned for the rest of the year here.


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