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Have You Considered an Elopement Ceremony?

A big wedding just isn’t for everyone.

The elopement ceremony is no longer an illicit act. Nor need it be rushed, unplanned, or performed over an anvil in Gretna Green. In 2022 and beyond, eloping is an intimate and very personal way to exchange vows with your partner. Free from the trappings of a traditional big wedding.

It can be grand and luxurious, simple and rustic or anything in-between – because with an elopement ceremony, you can create whatever style of celebration you want.

Today, we thought we’d share what we believe to be the benefits of an elopement ceremony, and why you should consider one for your (not so) big day.

The Benefits of an Elopement Ceremony

Throw Out the Rule Book

When it comes to eloping, you can forget about following traditions. You decide exactly where and when you want to tie the knot, and who'll be there to witness it. You can tailor your day, your weekend, your wedding holiday even, around the things that've always wanted to do.

No family rules to follow, or pressure from friends around you guiding how they think your wedding should be. And if you find all of this choice a lot to handle? Hire an elopement wedding planner, and embrace the freedom they will provide.

Release Your Budget

However crazy your elopement ceremony and reception plans are, it's unlikely you're going to be spending more than you would on a traditional wedding. This extra saving means you can either splash out on a dream honeymoon. Or take the sensible route, and save the money for a deposit on a house, or for your first child together.

Free from Stress

If either of you struggle with anxiety, an elopement ceremony will certainly reduce the stress you may feel. For many couples, the thought of a big wedding brings on fear and uncertainty. The hundreds of eyes fixed on you, that feeling of being in the spotlight. It can all feel like a lot of pressure.

If you want to remove that stress, and simply celebrate together, then tie the knot in a way that feels right to you.

An Elopement Ceremony is Just for Loved Ones

If you’re considering an elopement ceremony, but can’t imagine getting married without your best friends, or family around you. That’s ok! With an elopement ceremony, you control the guest list. You can invite your best friend from school. Or maybe just your parents. But rest assured, whoever you choose will feel pretty special!

Celebrate Together & Enjoy Each Other

So many married couples say that they barely saw their husband or wife during their wedding. Its so common, and understandable that couples don’t actually get to spend any quality time together on their own wedding day. They’re busy celebrating with all of their guests, posing for pictures and thanking hundreds of family members for joining them.

If you feel a wedding should be spent with each other. Guarantee yourselves some quality time together, and consider an elopement ceremony.


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