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Opus All Access: BBC Agency Unfiltered 🎞️

We're thrilled to share an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into our exciting collaboration with Aquarius Creative, marking a momentous occasion in the lead-up to Kirsten's unforgettable wedding day. Our journey together has been one of creativity, style, and shared passions, culminating in finding Kirsten the perfect wedding dress—a moment we're proud to share with you in episode 6 of "Agency Unfiltered" on BBC Scotland starting February 13th

opus couture BBC Agency Unfiltered

A Glimpse Behind the Glamour: BBC Agency Unfiltered

"Agency Unfiltered" offers a unique window into the fast-paced world of Scotland's most influential social media agency, Aquarius Creative. Founded by the visionary duo, Amy and Kirsten, Aquarius Creative has revolutionised social media marketing with its innovative strategies, making it Scotland's premier influencer agency. Our feature in this BBC Scotland series highlights not just a partnership but a celebration of Scottish creativity and elegance.

Aquarius Creative opus couture BBC Agency Unfiltered

Opus and Aquarius: A Creative Symphony

Our collaboration with Aquarius Creative goes beyond the fabric of a wedding gown; it's a testament to the power of creative minds coming together. As Kirsten steps into her role as a bride, Opus Couture has been by her side, ensuring that her style and vision are perfectly encapsulated in her choice of dress. This collaboration is beautifully showcased in "Agency Unfiltered," where viewers will catch glimpses of Kirsten and her friends experiencing the magic of Opus.

An Evening with the Stars

The series premiere at The Grosvenor Cinema in Glasgow was an evening to remember. Lauren and Susan, representing Opus Couture, mingled with Scotland's beloved influencers, celebrating the launch of a series that bridges the gap between fashion, creativity, and digital influence. The energy and excitement of the evening were palpable, leaving us eager to relive the experience all over again.

Join Us on This Journey

"Agency Unfiltered" starts on Monday, February 13, on BBC Scotland, with new episodes airing weekly. We invite you to join us in watching this groundbreaking series, where you'll witness our collaboration with Aquarius Creative come to life. Through behind-the-scenes images and stories, we'll take you closer to the action, showcasing the craftsmanship, dedication, and passion that define Opus Couture.


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