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Opus Experts: A Wedding Planning Journey with Opus Couture and The Corinthian Club

corinthian glasgow wedding opus couture

At Opus Couture, we understand that planning your wedding is a journey filled with dreams, decisions, and the pursuit of that perfect day. It's a blend of personal style, timeless elegance, and a celebration of love. In our quest to offer you insights and inspiration, we're delighted to share the perspective of Tabetha, a seasoned professional in luxury retail turned Wedding Manager at the prestigious Corinthian Club.

From Fashion to Weddings: Tabetha's Unique Path

Tabetha's career began in the world of luxury retail, where for 12 years she honed her skills as a personal shopper for iconic brands like Harvey Nichols, Dolce & Gabbana, and Chanel. Her role went beyond just selecting the perfect pieces; it was about understanding each client's unique style and orchestrating meticulously planned events around fashion show sessions. This foundation in fashion, combined with a childhood surrounded by her mother's floral wedding creations, naturally steered her towards a love for weddings. Transitioning into hospitality and events, Tabetha discovered her true calling as a Wedding Manager, where her passion for bridal elegance and the magic of weddings found its perfect outlet.

corinthian glasgow wedding opus couture

Tabetha's Top 3 Tips for Brides - Corinthian Glasgow Wedding

  1. Cherish Personal Moments: Tabetha advises not to let the day pass in a blur. Ensure you carve out 10-15 minute intervals to spend with your partner, away from everyone else. These moments, perhaps with a glass of bubbles after the ceremony, are precious and remind you what the day is truly about.

corinthian glasgow wedding opus couture

2. Leverage Your Wedding Co-ordinator: Most venues, including The Corinthian Club, offer a Wedding Co-ordinator as part of their package. Use this resource to alleviate stress and focus on enjoying the planning process. Your co-ordinator can handle the logistics, leaving you to indulge in the more delightful aspects of wedding planning.

corinthian glasgow wedding opus couture

3. Avoid the Red Wine: A practical yet crucial tip from Tabetha’s firsthand experience. To prevent any unfortunate accidents that could ruin your dress (and potentially a friendship), stick to champagne. It's not just about preserving the dress but also about ensuring peace of mind throughout your celebration.

corinthian glasgow wedding opus couture

Bridal Elegance with Opus Couture

At Opus Couture, we resonate with Tabetha's journey from the world of fashion to weddings. Our collection of bridal gowns embodies the elegance, style, and personal touch that Tabetha brought to her clients and now to her brides. Like Tabetha, we believe in the importance of understanding each bride's unique vision, offering a curated experience that transforms wedding dress shopping into a cherished part of your wedding journey.

Planning your wedding is a mosaic of moments, choices, and people that come together to create a day as unique as your love story. Let the expertise of professionals like Tabetha, combined with the bridal elegance of Opus Couture, guide you towards a wedding day filled with joy, style, and unforgettable memories.

Dream. Plan. Love.

Whether you're just beginning your planning journey or looking for that perfect wedding gown, remember, it's your day. Embrace the joy, trust the experts, and let your wedding be a true reflection of your love.

For a bridal experience as unique as you are, visit us at Opus Couture. Let's make your wedding dream a reality.

T: 01294 824 838


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