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Opus Experts: Engagement Issue, featuring Laing's UK & Trump Turnberry

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Welcome to our latest Opus Experts edition, where we're all about making your wedding prep as joyful and stress-free as possible. We've teamed up with the pros at Laing's UK to bring you the best tips on keeping your engagement ring dazzling and finding that perfect fit. Plus, we dive into the magical world of wedding dress shopping with insights from Opus Couture—think early starts, bringing your cheer squad, and trusting the experts to find your dream gown.

Sparkling Beginnings with Laing's UK

1. Ring Cleaning: A Shine to Remember:

Your engagement ring isn't just a piece of jewelry; it's a symbol of love and commitment that deserves to shine brightly, especially on your big day. Laings UK understands the sentimental value your ring holds and offers simple yet effective at-home cleaning tips to maintain its luster. By using warm water mixed with a drop of gentle dish soap, you can soak your jewelry to loosen any dirt or debris. A soft toothbrush can then be used for a more thorough clean, ensuring your diamonds sparkle as brightly as your love. For those who prefer a professional touch, Laings provides a dedicated jewellery care service, offering deep cleaning, metal polishing, and gemstone brilliance restoration, ensuring your cherished piece receives the utmost care.

2. Resizing: Ensuring the Perfect Fit:

The perfect engagement ring not only symbolizes your love but also fits perfectly. Laings UK acknowledges that finding the right size can be a challenge, which is why they offer the first size alteration free of charge for their engagement rings. Their experts provide support and guidance throughout the resizing process, offering quotes based on metal, style, and the extent of the size change needed, ensuring your ring fits as perfectly as your love for each other.

3. The Ideal Time to Purchase Wedding Rings

Choosing the right wedding ring is crucial, as it symbolizes your love and commitment. Laings recommends starting the selection process 3-6 months before your wedding day to ensure both your engagement ring and wedding band complement each other perfectly. This period allows for the meticulous crafting of your wedding band, ensuring it meets your expectations and fits seamlessly with your engagement ring, symbolizing a harmonious and lasting love.

Opus Couture: Crafting Your Dream Wedding Look

1. Planning Ahead: The Key to Your Dream Dress:

Opus Couture emphasises the importance of starting your wedding dress shopping at least a year in advance. With gowns taking up to six months to arrive and an additional three months for fitting and alterations, early planning is crucial. However, for those with a tighter timeline, Opus Couture's "Ready to Wear" Outlet Collection offers beautiful options that are immediately available.

2. Choosing Your Support Team:

The journey to finding your perfect wedding dress is a momentous occasion that should be shared with your closest friends and family. Opus Couture advises bringing along your most supportive loved ones to your dress appointments. Their presence can provide emotional support and valuable feedback, helping you choose a dress that reflects your true beauty and style.

3. Trusting the Experts:

Finding the perfect wedding dress can be overwhelming, but the experienced bridal consultants at Opus Couture are there to guide you every step of the way. Their expertise and knowledge in bridal fashion will help you navigate through the myriad of choices to find the dress that not only fits perfectly but also makes you feel truly beautiful on your special day.

Trump Turnberry: Start Your Day with Elegance and Joy

1. Prioritise Nutrition and Hydration:

The excitement of your wedding day should not distract from the essentials. Trump Turnberry reminds all brides to start their day with a nutritious breakfast through their in-room dining service, offering both privacy and convenience. Hydration is equally crucial; with a day full of laughter, tears, and celebration ahead, keeping water at hand is a must to stay refreshed and vibrant throughout the ceremonies and celebrations.

2. Embrace Natural Light:

Capturing the day’s moments in photographs and videos is a given, and lighting plays a pivotal role in making these memories sparkle. Trump Turnberry highlights the importance of natural lighting, especially for those final touch-ups. The suites and bedrooms are designed to maximize natural light, ensuring that makeup and photos look flawless, making it easier for everyone to look their best without stepping out of the room.

3. Cherish Moments with Loved Ones:

At the heart of every wedding are the connections and memories made with those closest to us. Trump Turnberry’s suites are more than just luxurious spaces; they are havens for bridal parties and families to gather, share moments, and offer support in a comfortable and private setting. This emphasis on togetherness ensures that the morning of the wedding is filled with joy, laughter, and bonding, setting a beautiful tone for the day ahead.

Whether you're just beginning your planning journey or looking for that perfect wedding gown, remember, it's your day. Embrace the joy, trust the experts, and let your wedding be a true reflection of your love.

For a bridal experience as unique as you are, visit us at Opus Couture. Let's make your wedding dream a reality.

T: 01294 824 838


Craig & Eva Sanders - Photography

Cherrytree Films - Videographer

Jordana Events - Florist / Decor

Louise Ballantine - Makeup Artist

Pam Doc Hair - Hair Stylist

Laings - Jewellery

Cruise - Shoes


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