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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Lingerie for Your Dress

Think of your lingerie, or wedding underwear as the base, and the rest will fall into place.

You'll know by now that the wrong underwear can ruin an outfit, and ruin your day. So, when planning your wedding outfit, it's worth putting some real time, and thought into choosing the perfect lingerie for your big day.

We see so many brides focus solely on their bridal gown, making sure that it's perfect for them. The right silhouette, hemline, neckline etc. And when they find it, they say 'that's it, it's over, the outfit is complete'. But in reality it really isn't, because what you wear under your wedding dress should be just as important as the dress itself, and can make or break your look on your wedding day.

Keeping the design integrity of a formfitting silhouette, plunging neckline, or statement back is only achieved with the right wedding underwear for your bridal gown. And so today, we'd like to help you find it! You’ll thank us when you’re gliding down the aisle in comfort, or dominating the dance floor with ease, in bridal underwear that makes you look a million dollars!

When to Shop for Wedding Lingerie

Use your first wedding dress fitting as a chance to learn what kind of lingerie works best for you. It's best to resist the urge to buy any bridal underwear before that point because you'll learn a lot more about what type of foundation garments you'll need once you know your dress. When you see it on your body, and you know what alterations will need to be made, that's when to start shopping.

Book an appointment with a specialist lingerie shop, and explain what it is you need. And when you attend that appointment, bring along a few images of your dress to show your fitter. It's not necessary to bring along your actual dress. Be sure to pay attention to the final size of bra you need, as it may be wildly different from the bra size you've been wearing all your life. You'll be amazed at the difference the right size will make to your figure, and your posture.

If you do have any last-minute weight changes, that can really affect the fit of your bra. We imagine you probably are anyway, but pay attention if you find yourself losing weight before the big day, and get refitted if necessary. Your lingerie shop may also be able to make some alterations to your bra, but don't leave it to the last minute!


First, check whether you actually need a bra. Many modern gowns, that are particularly structured, may actually give you the support and shape you need. Meaning, you can skip a bra altogether. But obviously this depends on your body shape, and bust size.

For all other dress types, work with your underwear fitter to figure out your bra needs, and which bra will work best. You'll find that the options are endless these days, and that you can easily find a bra that works for any silhouette, from halter to one shoulder to open back.

If you're just looking for a little extra coverage, a bra might not be the best option, especially if your dress fabric is on the thinner side. Consider a stick-on piece, like Bring It Up Spacers, a really effortless way to create a seamless, invisible look.


The type of underwear you should buy, will always depend on the type of dress you choose. Think of your options in three categories: classic, seamless, and shaping.


Wedding dresses that are voluminous, or made of thicker fabrics allow brides to have fun with their wedding lingerie. You can choose something that will express her personality, or something that will make you feel wonderful. Wear whatever you want, whether it's your favourite knickers or something a bit more racy and adventurous.


Slim-fitting wedding dresses or those gowns made of a single layer of material often require underwear that lies flat and smooth. A nude-coloured Commando thong will always work, but you shouldn't feel limited to just that one option. In 90 percent of cases, you could wear a smooth lace thong with no problems; just make sure to look for one made from high-tech, seamless flat lace.


Dresses that highlight body parts (think Pippa Middleton's bottom!) sometimes call for strategic shapewear. Luckily, there are increasingly beautiful options for bridal shapewear, so don't feel like you're stuck with nude-coloured cycling shorts.

The one thing to keep in mind when shopping for shapewear, is make sure it fits correctly. Otherwise, you risk being cut off in some weird places. A high-waisted thong is a solid choice, as it will give you a smooth, seamless fit through the bodice. But if you're really nervous about lines, go with a full shapewear piece.


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