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6 Wedding Trends You'll Love in 2023

Discover the biggest wedding trends of 2023 and how to include them in your big day

After the last couple of years we've all had, and the delays and cancellations engaged couples have had to endure. It's no wonder that we're all looking forward to a full, normal year in 2023. With renewed hope and excitement for the future. Big parties, packed dance floors and photos full of smiling (non-socially distanced) guests are now thankfully the norm again. And with this fresh enthusiasm for 2023, comes brand-new wedding trends. New styles, themes, and ideas that are, and are not, inspired by the last few years.

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In particular, 2023 wedding trends will keep the guest experience at their heart, and speak to the couple's shared passions. Covid-19 has left a lasting impression on 2023 wedding trends, and you'll certainly still see micro-weddings and destination elopements next year, even though big celebrations will certainly be possible.

Sustainability and supporting small businesses will also remain important factors in many couples' wedding planning. Along with responsible spending. Splashing out on the things that matter, and forgoing the things that don't.

6 Wedding Trends to Fall in Love with in 2023


Anni-ceptions. Yes, you read that right. It's a blend of anniversary and reception, and this trend comes off the back of lockdown sequel weddings.

Countless couples had small wedding ceremonies (minimony) during lockdown, and then planned a larger reception party for a later date. These bigger celebrations are now being planned to fall on the first year anniversary of their original wedding date. And therefore blend a classic reception, with an anniversary.

While this trend has come about because of lockdown, we can see it continuing in different forms for years to come. Couples who have a micro-wedding or elopement may decide they want to celebrate with all their loved ones after the event, and a first year anniversary is the perfect time to do this.

Earthy, Nature-Inspired Palettes

In 2023, there will be an increased focus on the environment, as couples begin to really understand how our lives deeply impact the world around us. This newfound appreciation of nature will inform colour, and style choices, creating a palette that is moving towards earthy, natural tones and away from the whites and pastels of old.

Embrace earthy textures with terracotta pots, driftwood and linen napkins on your table, with honeyed neutral colours and pops of brighter rust, amber and coral tones. Flowers that can be used to create this look: Café au lait dahlias, Japanese Wabara Ioli Rose, Majolica Spray Rose, Caffe Latte Rose, and Golden Mustard Rose.

Unusual Entertainment

For a 2023 wedding, couples will be looking at mainstream trends to help provide some unusual entertainment on their big day. They'll be grasping the opportunity to do weddings differently, and offer something that is far from the norm! We'll certainly see a lot of focus on music, with an aim to bring dance floors alive, and give their guests the party of a lifetime. Alongside that, we'll see a lot of other entertainment options, such as audio guest books, adult playgrounds with beer pong, axe throwing, bouncy castles, petting zoos, circus performers… anything goes in 2023!

Wedding Crèches

Maternity wedding dresses have been massively popular over the last year, indicating there will be a lot more pregnant brides, and brides with newborns on their wedding day. From the couple to the guests, we can expect more children than ever at weddings in 2023, and with that comes ingenious ways of keeping the little ones entertained.

Wedding crèches and nannying services will be huge next year, with couples looking to hire trusted sitters to care for their little ones, while they dance the night away! This trend ensures that guests who might have otherwise needed to drop out of wedding plans due to childcare commitments, can attend. And it also gives parents a chance to let their hair down and enjoy themselves without worry.

Multi-Sensory Experiences

In 2023, couples will want to give their guests a genuinely unforgettable experience on their wedding day. And this could involve multisensory elements, for example, food and drink that doesn’t just taste and look good but feels exciting to the touch, sounds different when eaten or uses unusual ingredients.

Smell will also be a 2022 wedding trend, and we’re not talking just scented candles here. Think scented stationery, a different scent for each room at venues, and new scents for each song the band plays. We all deserve a great party, so why not take it to the next level!

Vegan Wedding Food

Health-conscious guests won't just be abstaining from alcohol in 2023. In fact, the pandemic may have changed their whole diet, with many people changing to vegetarian or vegan diets during lockdown, and we're sure to see these dietary lifestyles impact weddings in 2023. For those eating meat, seasonal and local will be king.


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