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5 Benefits of a Micro-Wedding

The Micro-wedding is an intimate, modern way to say ‘I Do’ without all the fuss big nuptials can bring.

Before the pandemic, many couples had never even heard of a micro-wedding. And even if they had, they wouldn’t have entertained the idea for their big day. However now, after the ups and downs we’ve all had, a micro-wedding has fast become the perfect antidote for couples wanting to celebrate a bit of intimacy with their closest friends and family.

We've been fans of the micro-wedding for some time, and recently, it has become a popular topic with visiting brides. Many often asking us what it actually is, and why we think they're so great.

benefits of a micro wedding

So today we thought we’d share the benefits of a micro-wedding, and why it is a trend that, we believe, will last.

What is a Micro-Wedding?

A micro-wedding is an intimate celebration with no more than 50 guests in attendance. As the name suggests, it is a smaller version of a wedding, but bigger than an elopement. But still with all the normal traditions taking place, but in a much smaller style.

The Benefits of a Micro-Wedding

A Micro-wedding is Easier to Plan

If in general, you like to keep things simple, and you're generally quite laid-back. Then a micro-wedding will certainly be a lot more appealing to you than a traditional big day. And that's because everything is smaller!

You only have to prepare 50 invitations. You only have to feed a handful of guests. And your seating chart can be planned over a coffee break. The wedding planning process for a micro-wedding is much more streamlined when you have less to prepare, and fewer people to prepare for.

Keep Costs Down

Nobody likes to discuss the cost of a wedding, but we all know they are expensive. So if you would rather not spend a lot on your nuptials, and would prefer to spend it on a new house, or a honeymoon — then a micro-wedding may be the perfect solution for you.

Of course, a micro-wedding will still cost money. But with a smaller wedding, your savings will go a lot further, and you'll be able to produce much more spectacular results. For example, you could upgrade your wedding catering to fine dining, or buy that designer wedding dress you've always dreamt of.

real micro wedding in scotland

Spend Quality Time with Your Wedding Guests

A smaller guest size can hugely benefit the interaction you'll have with your loved ones. Instead of trying to say a passing hello to hundreds of people, you can actually chat with your guests, and share a real moment.

Furthermore, if you’re someone that struggles with anxiety or interacting with large groups of people, consider how much more relaxing (and enjoyable) it will be to celebrate with only your nearest and dearest.

More Personality

The people attending a micro-wedding are all VIP's. They’re not second cousins you’ve never heard of, or plus-ones you’ve never met. They are your favourite people, and you have a close connection with them all. And by choosing a micro-wedding, you have the opportunity to show your loved ones how much you care.

For example, at a big wedding you would never be able to prepare handwritten, personal notes for each of your guests. But when you have less than 50 guests, it’s easy to share some sentimental gifts with your guests and create a special keepsake at the same time.

Celebrate Wherever You Want

A massive marquee is no longer the only place that'll fit all your guests when you have a micro-wedding. Because by filtering your numbers, you can marry (almost) wherever you want.

Your favourite restaurant has a private backroom? Book it for your reception! Your uncle has a big back garden? Host the whole wedding there! Choices are suddenly endless when planning a micro-wedding, and you'll be able to effortlessly create a special day that is truly unique.


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