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What are the Signs of an Impending Proposal

Proposals are supposed to be a surprise, but sometimes it's too hard to ignore those 'not-so' subtle hints.

Have you got a funny feeling your partner is about to propose? A sneaking suspicion that this Friday night is not all as it seems? Well, before you get too excited, let's think about the signs your partner might be giving, and find out whether they're about to propose, or not. Because you'll want to make sure your nails are looking spotless for that big moment!

Whether you and your partner are primary school sweethearts, or you met more recently through a dating app, there's no set timeline for when a proposal should be. But when the moment does come to pop the question, there are a few tell-tale signs of an impending proposal that will let you know it's about to happen.

the Signs of an Impending Proposal engagement on cliff

The Signs of an Impending Proposal

Changes in your partner's behaviour, impromptu dates, a sudden case of hush, hush among your family members, there are so many hints that all indicate an impending proposal.

If you're anxiously waiting for a marriage proposal or simply want to know what to expect, keep scrolling.

Jewellery Goes Walk About, or Moves

At first, you may think you've been robbed, but upon closer inspection it could just be an impending proposal. Don’t be surprised if you notice that a random ring has gone missing from your collection of jewellery, or your precious items have been shuffled around.

If your significant other is purchasing an engagement ring, they'll need to know your ring size, so they probably borrowed one of your rings because they're about to propose.

Our advice: unless you're positive that it's genuinely lost, keep quiet about the missing ring. Otherwise, you'll foil your partner's plan!

They Suggest You Go for a Manicure

Suddenly, out of the blue, your partner is telling you your nails need a tidy up, or your sister is suggesting a random trip together to the salon. What’s going on…? Either these two think you need to look after yourself more, or there's a proposal coming. Either way, take their advice…

Your Partner Plans a Trip

This is a big sign of an impending proposal! Especially if your partner doesn’t usually take charge of planning holidays.

According to the National Wedding Survey, 43% of wedding proposals take place on holiday. So if your partner suddenly decides to arrange a trip, and takes charge of all the details, you’re probably right to have a feeling that there’s an impending proposal coming…

engaged couple drinking coffee after proposal

They Start Saving the Pennies All of a Sudden

Your partner was always happy to spend great wads of cash on a night out. But now, they're all excited about staying in, and watching the latest Netflix hit series. Hmm…

If your typically care-free, spend big partner starts penny-pinching, they may be saving up for your engagement ring. Our advice, pretend not to notice or maybe even encourage their lifestyle change. Even if you're wrong this time, it's good to think about saving for your future anyway!

They Get All Nostalgic

Often when people are about to propose, they start to get sentimental. Be it flipping through photo albums, talking about highlights from your past or just sending you sweeter texts than usual – being exceptionally affectionate can be a sure sign of a proposal.

Secrecy & Nervousness

You tell each other everything. But suddenly, when you ask where they were today, the answer is strangely vague. But don't worry, it's probably nothing sinister. In fact, it could be a sign that they are in the process of purchasing an engagement ring, or planning the actual proposal.

Don't be overly nosey or suspicious. Otherwise you could ruin your own surprise!

They Go Out With or Visit Your Parents Without You

Asking for parents permission is an old tradition, one that not everyone chooses to follow when proposing these days. However, your future spouse could be an old romantic with a traditional spirit.

Your partner could decide to put a modern spin on the tradition and speak to both of your parents, rather than just your dad. Or maybe give them a heads-up instead of actually ‘asking for permission’. Regardless of what they do, if they head off for some alone time with your family without you, that’s certainly a subtle sign they’re about to propose…!

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