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Just Got Engaged? What Now?

When that ring slips on your finger, and you're engaged, it's a pretty amazing feeling… but what happens next?!

Have you just got engaged, and are now wondering, what now? What should we do first? That's totally understandable. After all, it's not every day that someone proposes to you! There's no wonder you don't quite know what should be done. But don't worry, we're here to help.

just engaged bride and groom ring

Getting engaged is a hugely happy time for a couple, and it kicks off the exciting but sometimes confusing world of wedding planning. There are so many things to think about, so many people to get in touch with, and a lot that needs to be done. But, don't become overwhelmed. There is plenty of time to plan the rest of your lives. However, if you're like most newly engaged couples, you'll surely be itching to share the news with all your loved ones, while also diving into the actual wedding planning part!

Just Got Engaged? Here's What You Should Do First.

If you're just engaged and wondering what comes next, you're in the right place. Today, we become your new best friend, and break down exactly what you should do first after the proposal.

Call Your Very Nearest & Dearest

Your parents, siblings, and BFFs all deserve to know first – unless you're keeping your engagement hush hush for a while. They shouldn't be hearing about your news on Instagram, so give them a ring personally and tell them the happy news.

Parents probably know what's going on already, and you'll just be confirming the news. But make them feel special, and put them before anyone else.

just engaged bride and groom ring

Enjoy Your Engagement Moment

Once you've shared the news of your engagement, take a moment to soak up the experience with your fiancé. You don't need to jump into wedding planning when you're just engaged, in fact, we believe you should take some time to relax.

Of course, if you intend to have a short engagement, or you're working within a strict wedding timeline, you might not want to delay things for too long. Do what feels right for you both, not what you think you should do according to those around you.

Post a Ring Selfie

If you're ready to share with the world that you're engaged, Instagram is probably where you'll do it. Pose for a ring selfie or a pic of you and your fiancé to share the love. Or go one better, and if the actual proposal was caught on video, share that! There's nothing better than that natural look of surprise.

ring selfie couple

Plan an Just Engaged Party

Gather your loved ones and go out for a celebratory 'just engaged' drink, or two! Or maybe have a special date night if that's more your style. You're engaged, and that's certainly worth toasting.

Get Your Ring Insured & Re-sized

This may not be the most romantic, or thrilling thing to do post-engagement. But it could save you big time in the long run. If that rock slips off your finger because it's not the right size, and it's not insured… you're going to seriously regret not taking some time out of your day to sort out your affairs.

Consider Dates

The most popular wedding dates and venues get booked up way in advance, so if you're hoping to tie the knot in the next year or two, it's smart to start thinking about dates now. Discuss together what works best for you both, and your families, and if there are any potential conflicts.

Sketch Out a Budget

You may well be in the early stages of your engagement, but it’s worth thinking about what you can afford, and what relatives are gifting towards your wedding. By deciding on a wedding budget early, you'll give yourself a better idea of how much you’re planning to save and how much time you'll need to save it.

It's also wise to broach the subject of money to your parents/relatives early on, and see if that’s something they would like to help you with. Again, this will help you to properly plan your finances.

wedding reception table

Find a Wedding Savings Account

Having an official wedding budget account is an excellent idea because it means you always know what you have, and how long you have to go. Plus, you can easily keep tabs on what is coming in and what's going out when you start to pay for various suppliers.

Budgets are a big thing to get your head around, so start small and just find a good savings account.

Begin to Search for Wedding Venues

One of the biggest steps in planning your dream wedding, is finding that dream venue! However, you don’t need to find 'The One' just yet, but starting the search and making some calls will help you work out your budget, potential wedding date and maximum guest list size.

A good place to start is, where do you want to marry? Your hometown, somewhere meaningful your guests can easily travel to, a wedding abroad?

What kind of style wedding venue do you like? A castle, a barn, a stately home, a pub? A little bit of venue research now will save you lots of stress in the long-run.

Take a Breath

Take your wedding planning slowly at first, and don't make any hasty decisions. This should be a really fun time, so don't make it feel like work.


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