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What Types of Wedding Dress Trains Are There?

Wedding dress trains are a must-have detail when it comes to any bridal gown, but which type is right for you.

Wedding dress trains are perhaps the trademark of a bridal gown. It's a feature that sets it apart from any other formal type of dress. And depending on the style, they are guaranteed to give you a grand entrance! But what if you want a gown that's a little more subtle, minimal even. Can you still have a train on your wedding dress? Of course! There are lots of different types of wedding dress trains. And while there's no hard and fast rule when it comes to brides selecting their perfect length of train, it's handy to know the different bridal train lengths.

Wondering exactly what constitutes a bridal train? Well, according to Brides, “A train is an extra length of fabric that extends from the back of your wedding dress and trails behind you as you walk. It could start from your waistline or be a detachable skirt or overlay that connects to your waist.”

Before setting your heart on a specific wedding dress, let's take an extra look at the different types of wedding dress trains.

The Royal Train

This is the longest of the wedding dress trains, at around 2.5 metres. However, at royal weddings, its namesake, they are likely to be far longer than this. Princess Diana’s wedding dress was an extraordinary example of a long royal train.

The Cathedral Train

As such wedding dress trains are no more than two metres in length, walking should never really be an issue, as its fabric should just follow you. Having said this, brides will need assistance with it when arriving at the venue, and later when setting up for photographs.

If the train is intricately adorned with embroidery and beading, this may make walking a little bit more of a challenge, or careful consideration.

The Chapel Train

With a length of around 1.5 metres, this is more of a full train. A bride wearing a chapel train may need some assistance when arriving at the church or registry office. Help will also need to be on hand during the photography session. However, the bride shouldn’t need any help when walking down the aisle.

The Sweep Train

The shortest of all the available wedding dress trains, the sweep extends around one foot from the base of the gown. This is the best option for those wanting the bridal look of a train, without the hassle traditionally involved. A sweep train can also make the bride appear slimmer, while remaining regal and stylish.

Detachable Wedding Trains

Not wanting to commit to just one look on your wedding day? An option that can transform your wedding day style is a detachable train. A versatile detail for your wedding day look, that'll offer you multiple bridal styles.

This type of wedding dress train is available in two different styles, either clipped on the side of your waist, or as a slip on overskirt. Both are equally beautiful and easy to put on.


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